God In Gut

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Life is an adventure
By your side living like I did in my youth
Stepping into the known and unknowns
Fully lavished by the presence of you

Awakened quick to love I was
Never knowing it would come so soon
But when my heart beats it can’t escape
The rhythm to the thought of you

So now I’m alive to this sweet embrace
In love- I’ve never known
It scares the hell out of me it’s true
But it’s the decision I’ve chose to own



i have many things to say and sometimes, i feel like i need permission to do them. or like someone needs to tell me i am credible. the truth is i am a Dream wrapped in skin and that is my credibility. i am confident that i am exactly who i need to be. and i am doing exactly what i need to be doing. confidence means relinquishing the need for approval or qualification. i know who i am and i know what i love. it is time to step out and create.


The ultimate authority over all realms.
The giver of true Life.
The Enabler.

Help me be ever incrementally aware of Your true reign over all of me, my country, my galaxy, & my infinite subservience.