God In Gut

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Build the cocoon of a revelation of faith of the power of His blood. Wrap yourself in Him, over your mind, heart, and belly, and let go as you receive Him.
From there, you crystallize to a butterfly.

I saw something valuable to me and I was standing before the cross. I felt I was to decide whether I would give it to Him in exchange for something else. I decided to do so. I presented it, and He said: “Now, take it back.” I was puzzled. He said: “He who has, to him, more will be given. My people need to occupy what they have.” Mind blown, I took it back.

Back To Creation

My Spirit Remembers

Even Before That

When I was in Heaven

I am a partaker of Heaven’s Calling

My Spirit Remembers the sound of the Call

The Arc is right

Two points fixed

My Spirit & Your Spirit

Twilight & Retina Scans

Force Fed Delight

But Who can resist pure ecstasy when it perfectly fits your craving

For blessed are they who hunger and thirst for God, for they will be filled

Listen to Ian Clayton and Kat Kerr

To continuously be regenerated every second internally by the communion elements pushing & bleeding through your skin

To agree more and more every day with the radiant, perfect, and fully given: “Amen.” To be gracious with myself as You with me when my, “Amen” doesn’t perfectly reflect Yours. But it looks more like it every day. Denying myself in exchange for Your ways.

Jesus had everything at His disposal that we do, and He had to play the game we have to play. The route He took, though, and the moves He made mapped out the perfect strategy to beat the game: Governed by the cycle of effervescent and experiential love, He gave to and received from The Father. Such is the secret.

People often ask for the secret. The secret is plain until Your Spirit locks eyes with it. We have enough information. We need revelation.

The Fullness of You Jesus resides inside me. The implications are insane. I need to embrace You in me and live life like I really am of You.

I’ll put a love in your chest that’ll make you question your threshold.

With Your blood, we can confront all of our masks with absolute-nonnegotiable transformation. Robin Williams didn’t need to die.

The fresh fight with a clear cut victory. Smokin ‘em like hickory.

Dickery Dock, I’m clockin ‘em.

Versace Shade Watchin ‘em.

With The highest knowledge I’m

Polishin This temple

Till I simply resemble


Assemble the whole team

The family regime

I choose the inclusive dream

To bring the last species of humanity closer to the unfulfilled actualization of generational promise while systematically unveiling God—what a glory that is. We live in a day and age where it is rare to encounter authentic. I hunger and thirst for a real and tangible manifestation of the great divine dreams. To actualize the deep hunger and stirring of ancient and primal motive—my desire. To dance the invisible dance through visible actions. To bark at the raging dragon and bite its head off. To truly and without hesitation shout from the inside bowels the truth of my sound.