God In Gut

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God, You have all wisdom, and You have hidden it all in Jesus. By Jesus, I have access to Your throne and access to your wisdom and insights. May the high calling and the destined blueprint You established for me be my meditation. May I not plan or make a life outside this. I yield to You. Teach me how to run towards Your way.
Your help leads me to the way, the truth, and the life reserved for those who are one spirit with You. One focus. One heart. One mind.
To even embrace the unconventional ways You teach me, and also eat the “obvious” breads which I have not yet consumed. As some of Your disciples didn’t know you were truly resurrected until bread was broken together, may I eat first and risk big to eat big. Whether familiar or new- always with You.
May I be faithful in growth: a life of more and more every day, with a consistency of heart and mind, without elevating a method.
Keep me in tune, and I know You’ve got me when I’m not even aware.
Let’s live life practically, day by day, measuring the more, and celebrating the small and big leaps in You.
Faith to Faith.