God In Gut

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I do not know in my mind how to do what I have to do,
But in the moment of each step I have seen You father me.
I ask & desire to stop when I need to stop, to await training where waiting is needed and/or to learn on the go.
My desire is to only do what I have as allotted, and yet, something inside me says it’s all a go and You will correct me when I need it.
All I know is You know how to operate the hidden revelations.
What previous generations prayed for You have called me to command.
Is it possible revelation is the only difference?
Have You revealed to me something I have acted upon or has it been presumption?
May I only be consistent with Your way and never an initiative of my own volition.
Certainly, You help clean up messes.
I want to learn from You. I want to practically build faith in acting upon what You’ve told me.
I want to build a house. I thank You for Your Spirit which has fused with mine. Now, We/I must succeed.
My perspective can be off but Yours never can be. Instruct me in Your Ways my Father. I do not want to hold a present understanding against Your truth.
May I excel in the rare and sparsely seen truth. Truth is truth. Your words are truth. I am in You. I seek not to hide an inch of me from Your vivid light.
I want to focus faith at the reality I have not been strong in. The ability to see it and manifest it. The ability to push with absolute resilience. To dive head first without looking over my shoulder.
Certainly, You help guide me if I dive incorrectly, but I want to excel at the target & not the familiarity with Your boundaries.
I’m hungry. Only Your hidden manna can satisfy. I will overcome cynicism and doubt. I can eat of Your hidden food reserved for those who win. I win because it is in my DNA to hunger for Your food. I’ll lock in till I’m satisfied. Only You can satisfy.
You know what I like & You give it to me. I believe You. I ask for eyes to see now just how generous You are. To receive everything I like. I want to be like You & give the same way. I must first receive from You in order to give.
I consecrate myself to Your food-Your nourishment.
Holy are You. Exclusive are You. Unprecedented are You.
Truly, no one has ever had the level of abundance You embody. Only You can satisfy an unnatural craving.
I want to live by the gifts You give. I welcome this reality. It is true strength to acknowledge the weakness of this worlds ability to fill me up. Only You have real wisdom, real strength, real peace, real victory.
I repent for where I have looked to man’s ways to quench eternal desires, especially in looking to others as You. May there be no idols in my heart. May my source of satisfaction and power only be from You, Most High.
I ask for the pathway of Enoch to be opened to me that I may be no more and taste the testimony of Your secrets.
I ask as a man who has craved a very specific diet my entire life & has had entrees here and there that met my need one hundred percent. I want this to be my only diet.
I only want Your purposes for me. I thank You for Your alignment in my deepest being. I acknowledge Your supremacy in me; now, may it engulf all of me.
I invite Your hatred to overtake me; to not tolerate any less than Your power. May I destroy the pathways and patterns of old fulfillment and may my joy only be true joy. May my movements be true movements. May my words, art, and stillness be with full power.
Open my eyes to the ways of Your kingdom & teach me. May Your experiences fill in all others. May I never despise the small lessons. May every teaching You give me be hallowed & held in the regard of top priority, regardless of how the world would deem them.
I acknowledge that in days past I have despised the microscopic progresses, but Your seed is cultivated Your way. May I embrace the steps You have for me now, even if they are small.
I invite Your grace to focus on that which is paramount in Your eyes. May I be vigilant and quick to nurture Your seeds with Your prescribed actions.
I submit my own protocols and the judgments of the flesh. Reprogram me. I know that Jesus showed me the way to live & has removed everything that would stop me from being like Him, so I look to You Father. You fathered Him brilliantly.
I’m trusting that You can father me better than anyone. I believe Jesus’ promise that I am one with You as He is. Certainly You have access to my heart, soul, mind, & body. Teach me how to partner with You and agree with every promise extended to each part of me so that I can embody all that Jesus modeled.
I receive You Father. Your grace enables me to interact with You on a holistic level- every part of me. I am fully Yours.
I welcome the newness and unfamiliarity to overtake me & the tension of constantly adjusting & growing into the fullness of my Lord Jesus. May there be no stone unturned in my life. Nothing off limits.
I open myself to new ways of approach where necessary & new persistence for where I have been accurately digging for water.
To know with all of my being that I have exhausted all I needed & labored wisely through You.
To have an open mind where necessary & a closed-off one where necessary.
May I be malleable to You alone, especially if it’s through unusual places.
I desire conscious accountability to You so I can know at a conscious level I am running this race with ALL I AM.
May I run with the same intensity for my prize as for training others to achieve theirs.
May all facades of the truth given without Your spirit be swallowed up by Your Truth coupled precisely with Your Spirit.
May I walk soberly and yet drunk in You.
May every nuance of my being in how I am designed to live be embraced by my conscious will & be harnessed and assimilated to Your Spirit & truth.
Oh, how I long to operate as I am- a spirit being who has a soul and a body. I ask for eyes of the Spirit & the curiosity to go where no one has gone before.
I yield to You the best I understand today & may my understanding be enlightened so that I can yield to You more accurately tomorrow.
You’ve started this thing in me & You will finish it.
You are my all.