God In Gut

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I will guide you through every battle & every question.

You’re branded like cattle. I’m hoisted & saddled to ride to what’s destined.

Stretched & growin’, I know your soul is wrestlin’

Guess what? I’m fully invested. My comfort won’t lessin’-


Lesson 1: It’s best in fun.

Like a child who’s crawl, walk, run evolution

Never underwhelms a dad,

I create the safe place that you never had.

In peace & rest to go for radical leaps

I’ll keep you, wrapped around your needs,

Seeping in your being, leading, assisting…

No more resisting.

Crucify control; I’ll make you full, bold, whole. The list goes on.

You’re a bomb that’s ticking. In my womb, your heart’s been kicking.

Boom Boom. Breakthrough. Taste Truth. Stay tuned. I embrace you.

Listen; follow. I fill what’s hollowed.

No lotto-ticket-thinkin’. That’s demonic.

I’m the guarantee for what Jesus bought.

Infinite access & inheritance. You received me & been changed ever since.

Caught in the web I spin, I wrap you like a spider’s prey.

Either way, you’re fully encased. Abide & stay.

By faith engage the spirit reality, & watch as I appear at a release rate beyond your grasp of normality.

You failed before, but this is take 2, Scene 1: You’ve seen what He wants.

Jesus the Priest & Forerunner: Spirit & Truth. Lightning & Thunder

Set the stage to gauge our race. Obey me, and we’ll win first place.

Experiment. You think it’s my voice? Act. Did you err in it

Or bare fruit? Let’s be messy with the rules like a child & tare through

All this yellow tape. We can elevate. I’m exponential. Every step we take is a quantum leap.

You sow a little bit; abundance you reap!

Keep your eyes on the grace tsunami: From the Holy of Holies to whole lobby.

Your inner most being seeing me in every moment, till it’s so OBVI.

Navidad every day. Faith to Faith. Receive Gifts. We take off. Lift. Andale!

Arriba! Like Enoch, step in & never leave.

From the Tree of Life you eat. The soul’s incision, redeeming the decision of Eve.

Mission Accomplished; I’m your Accomplice. So, here’s the repertoire:

Arm & Arm to harm the devil, You create your “now.” Say it out your mouth.

The highest route I take you. The flesh & limitations will break soon enough.

When the battle’s rough, I’m the buffering in the fellowship of the suffering.

Mark my words & illuminations: this is permanent.

As I’m stirred within, stay patient in my army as I facilitate Heaven’s invasion.

Feel My Heart beat. Feel My heartbeat. Feel My heartbeat. Feel My heartbeat. Feel My heartbeat.  

  Will Reagan. “Take Back” from Endless Years (via jennwallace)


Life is an adventure
By your side living like I did in my youth
Stepping into the known and unknowns
Fully lavished by the presence of you

Awakened quick to love I was
Never knowing it would come so soon
But when my heart beats it can’t escape
The rhythm to the thought of you

So now I’m alive to this sweet embrace
In love- I’ve never known
It scares the hell out of me it’s true
But it’s the decision I’ve chose to own



i have many things to say and sometimes, i feel like i need permission to do them. or like someone needs to tell me i am credible. the truth is i am a Dream wrapped in skin and that is my credibility. i am confident that i am exactly who i need to be. and i am doing exactly what i need to be doing. confidence means relinquishing the need for approval or qualification. i know who i am and i know what i love. it is time to step out and create.